Statement From Chef Joe About Market Pricing

The Pandemic's Long Term Challenges Still Loom

What's happening from a business perspective.... Business is coming back and we are happy to see all our kith and kin! However, getting back to regular scheduled programming has had many challenges including hiring staff and getting necessary supplies.

You are seeing higher prices in the grocery store and it is the same for me when I go shopping with our suppliers. There are a myriad of issues causing food supply shortages and price hikes, including low staff for processing, loading orders, and a shortage of truck drivers. This includes large suppliers to our small local vendors and farmers with whom we do business. We want to pass on the lowest price, while keeping high quality. Placing orders for food each week is a crapshoot as to what will be available and at what price. Some products have increased to the extent that the only way to keep it on the menu is to mark it up to a price that I feel is unreasonable to ask. Such as lobster, which is off the menu for now.

Why Market Pricing?

The menu is being revamped and certain items will have MARKET PRICE listed. Market pricing will allow us to give you the lowest price possible for that day, while allowing us to make enough cash flow to keep our business running. We will continue this pricing strategy until the market stabilizes. Menu Item Availability Please bear in mind that if you come to the restaurant and we do not have your favorite dish--it is not because we are ill prepared, rather, our order never arrived, we didn't get the amount we requested, or the order arrived too late for us to properly prepare for service. We are grateful for your understanding and patience while we continue to work through the complications that the past year has caused. With your support, we know we will make our way back to 100%. As always, we look forward to serving you.