Statement From Chef Joe About Market Pricing

The Pandemic's Long Term Challenges Still Loom

What's happening from a business perspective....
Business is coming back and we are happy to see all our kith and kin! However, getting back to regular scheduled programming has had many challenges including hiring staff and getting necessary supplies. 

You are seeing higher prices in the grocery store and it is the same for me when I go shopping with our suppliers. There are a myriad of issues causing food supply shortages and price hikes, including low staff for processing, loading orders, and a shortage of truck drivers. This includes large suppliers to our small local vendors and farmers with whom we do business. 

We want to pass on the lowest price, while keeping high quality.
Placing orders for food each week is a crapshoot as to what will be available and at what price. Some products have increased to the extent that the only way to keep it on the menu is to mark it up to a price that I feel is unreasonable to ask. Such as lobster, which is off the menu for now.

Market Pricing
The menu is being revamped and certain items will have MARKET PRICE listed.
Market pricing will allow us to give you the lowest price possible for that day, while allowing us to make enough cash flow to keep our business running. We will continue this pricing strategy until the market stabilizes.

Menu Item Availability
Please bear in mind that if you come to the restaurant and we do not have your favorite dish--it is not because we are ill prepared, rather, our order never arrived, we didn't get the amount we requested, or the order arrived too late for us to properly prepare for service. 

We are grateful for your understanding and patience while we continue to work through the complications that the past year has caused. 

With your support, we know we will make our way back to 100%. 
As always, we look forward to serving you.

Joe and Amanda

Our Dear Kith And Kin, 

What we thought was going to be a 2 week shut down turned into a whirlwind of life altering changes none of us could have imagined. 

6 months later, we are looking back at all the challenges and creative ways we have managed to stay afloat. So many restaurants are closing across the country, which magnifies our gratitude that we are still operating. You have been there supporting us every step of the way—Food truck, groceries, donating money to supply the Hudson and Stow food pantries, take out, Easter dinners, Mother's & Father's baskets, virtual wine and cheese tastings and finally being able to actually dine at the restaurant with masks and hand sanitizer. 

You have been patient and understanding as we tried new ideas and worked with only three staff members. While we have most of our staff back and operating as normal as possible, we are not through this yet and the cold weather will severely change our business model once again. We are determined to still be here when we all get to the other side of this challenging time. 

Joe and Amanda sat down to chat a bit about the process and say thanks to the community. We hope you enjoy this short video.


Joseph Boudreau

Growing up, Joe's dad was a butcher at the local grocery store, which was a real spark into the culinary world for Joe. His father used to teach him about different animals, cuts of meat and how to butcher. Joe studied at Newbury College, graduating with a Culinary Arts degree in 2001. While in school he studied a variety of different styles of cooking but found that his true passion was in French style cooking. One of his first jobs was at the Armani Café where he got his first taste of fine dining and hasn't looked back since. His life moved him to Portsmouth, NH and then eventually to Portland, ME. It was during his time in Portland where he started to spread his wings technically and started to push the envelope with his creativity. He became the Executive Chef at Mims Brasserie, a well-known French restaurant in Portland at the time. It was during his time in Portland that he gained a large appreciation for fresh, local ingredients, working closely with farmers and foragers who would visit his restaurant daily with their fresh products. Joe met his wife, Amanda, at a steak house in downtown Portland and would eventually move back to Massachusetts before starting a family and starting a restaurant of their own. It has always been a dream of Joe's to own his own restaurant where he can bring farm fresh ingredients and transform them into dishes that he is passionate about.


Amanda Boudreau

Amanda started her restaurant career at Macaroni Grill while she was attending the University of Connecticut. After graduating college she returned home and started working at Diamond's Edge restaurant on Great Diamond Island off the coast of Portland, Maine. It was here where Amanda was first introduced into the fine dining world. She started to take a strong interest in their wine and spirit program. After the end of the summer season, Amanda moved to Big Sky, Montana where she furthered her knowledge in the restaurant industry. Amanda returned back to Maine after the ski season and helped open the Grill Room, a local steakhouse in downtown Portland. Amanda worked there for years as a server and eventually was promoted into a management position. Amanda then moved on to Arrows, a critically acclaimed fine dining restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine where she worked with James Beard Award winning chefs, expanding her knowledge of food and wine further. Amanda moved to Massachusetts in 2013 where she joined the team at the Beehive in Boston. The Beehive focused on foods from all over the world and prided themselves on a unique and well thought out liquor and wine program. She and Joe moved to Hudson, Massachusetts in 2014 and starting their family in 2015 with the birth of their first daughter Nora and then Chloe in 2017.